Change PHP version in Virtualmin Server

virtualmin server configuration

To change PHP version for a web site hosted in Virtualmin, click on the Virtualmin tab. Select the domain from drop down that you need to change PHP version for.

On this page, select PHP version from drop down. See Virtualmin […]

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Protecting files with noclobber

To protect files on Linux by accidently overwritten by > operator, you can use

Now if you try to overwrite a file with >, you will get error

If you really need to overwrite, use >! operator.


Instead of running the command “set -o noclobber” everytime, you can add it […]

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Email Alert When User Login Using SSH

On web servers, you may need to get email alert when someone login to your server using SSH. To do this edit file


In above, replace [email protected] with your actual email address. You need a mail server installed on your server for this to work. If you want to log to a […]

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Enable SSL on BitBucket Server

bitbucket server

BitBucket Server alloow you to host git repositories. By default bitbucket server have url in following format

To install SSL, first point a domain to the server IP. Install nginx

Now install LetsEncrypt

Get SSL in standalone mode. We use standalone mode because nginx will proxy all request to bitbucket server, so […]

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