Install Paid SSL on Centova Cast

To install SSL on Centova Cast, edit file

Add your SSL cert and ca-bundle file content to this file.


paste your private key.

Edi nginx config


Add below

Verify Nginx config is valid with

If all good, restart nginx with

Now Centova Cast can be accessed using HTTPS/SSL.

ASTPP install SSL

To install SSL on ASTPP server, edit file

Add your SSL cert on this file. It is good idea to paste your ca-bundle file content after SSL cert, so you have full chain.

Add SSL private key.

Now restart Nginx

By default if you use non HTTPS link, you get default nginx page. To avoid this, set a redirect by editing file

Add inside default server entry

Now restart nginx.



ERPnext Scheduler Inactive error

After installing ERPnext, when login for first time, i get error message

Scheduler Inactive
Background jobs are not running. Please contact Administrator.


To fix this, login to the user that is used to install erpnext, then change to the erpnext folder

Now run

This will set following cronjobs

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Install LetsEncrypt SSL on ERPnext

Install LetsEncrypt SSL on ERPnext

To install LetsEncrypt free SSL on ERPnext site, run


To renew SSL, you can run

This will ask for your confirmation to restart nginx. Running this on cronjob won’t work. But you can use “echo y” to get it work. But it is better just to certbot-auto to renew SSL.

Auto Renew ERPnext SSL

To auto renew create a cronjob


Create file


Make it executable

Disable Apache Error log in ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a free hosting control panel. It come with Nginx and Apache web servrs. You can select one during installation.

if you are using Apache web server with ISPConfig and want to disable Apache Error logs, then do the following

Now restart Apache

This is not a permanant solution as ISPCOnfig will rewrite apache configuration when you make changes to web site. I had to do this for a server which have too many sites writing errors to error_log, causing high IO load. Proper solution is to fix errors, until errors can be fixed, this is a quick fix, that will reduce IO usage due to error_log.

Make sure you make a copy of files before you run the sed command that modify all apache config, so in cuase anything happens, you can revert back.