How to Migrate Linux Server with rsync

A few days ago I wanted to Migrate an Ubuntu VPS from one provider to another. I tried to take

Apache Solr

How To Install Apache Solr on Debian 10

Apache Solr is a highly reliable and scalable open source search platform. Solr powers the search and navigation features of

How to Install Supervisord on CentOS 7

Supervisor is a program used to monitor and control programs. It can auto startup application on server boot time, and

dpkg dependency problems not removing

When removing a package, I got the following error message It is fixed by specifying –ignore-depends=plesk-core in apt command. Example

dpkg package pre-removal script returned error

On a Plesk server, MySQL somehow went missing. When I tried to remove a package, I get error To fix

Cpanel find recently logged in users

To Find a list of Cpanel user logins, run To see the log for a particular user, run In the

Resize EC2 file system with lvm

On an EC2 server with an LVM file system, I need to increase the size of the / partition. First,

Run rsync if not running using cronjob

I want to rsync files from one server to another server every 5 minutes, but only want to start the

How to Install memcached on CentOS Plesk Server

Install memcached daemon with command Enable memcached to start on boot Start memcached You can verify if memcached is running


smartmontools is used to check the health of hard disks. To install smartmontools on CentOS, run The command line for

How to verify installed packages on Ubuntu/Debian

To verify the integrity of installed packages, you can use debsums utility. First of all install debsums with command To

sleep-monitor system is about to suspend

On a remote Linux server running XFCE desktop, the server goes down randomly, on monitoring /var/log/syslog, i found the following