Bitnami WordPress Failed to update Plugin

On a Bitnami WordPress server, plugin installation/upgrade failed with permission error. The error is because the web server in bitmai

Install latest Redis on Ubuntu/Debian Server

To install the latest version of Redis on Ubuntu/Debian server, run See Redis

How to Install PHP 5.6 on Oracle Linux 7

Oracle Linux is a free RHEL based Linux distro. We will install PHP 5.6 on an Oracle Linux 7 server.

Install Jenkins on Ubuntu

Jenkins is an open source automation server. It helps automate the parts of software development related to building, testing, and

grafana dashboard

How to change Node Exporter port

Node Exporter by default use port 9100. You may need to use another port for Node Exporter if port 9100

ack list files

ack show the matched files name only

ack is a command-line utility written in Perl for searching strings inside files. By default when you search, it shows

Install .NET SDK on Ubuntu 20.04

Microsoft .NET SDK and Run time now available for Linux. To install .NET SDK and runtime on Ubuntu 20.04, follow

nextcloud maintenance mode

Enable/Disable Nextcloud Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode is useful when you are making changes to your nextcloud installation like a software upgrade. To enable maintenance


chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags

When making a file immutable with chattr command, I get the following error The error was due to the file

Checking NVMe Disk

You can use nvme-cli to check your NVMe disks. To install nvme-cli, run On Ubuntu/Debian On RHEL To list of

mount: unknown filesystem type ‘LVM2_member’.

When I try to mount a partition, I get the following error This is because the disk is LVM. First

Delayed block allocation failed for inode

On a CentOS server, nginx web server stopped serving files. On checking logs, I found the following error message I