SSH Tunnel

If you have a server with SSH access, you can use it as sock 5 proxy or for port forwarding with just ssh access. Socks5 Proxy SSH tunnel can be used for browsing security. It act like a socks5 proxy.


SERVER_IP is IP of the remote server, that you will be using […]

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Find Reverse-DNS/PTR using dig, nslookup, host

Reverse-DNS/PTR is used by mail servers. It is used to map an IP address to FQDN or hostname. To find Reverse DNS record for an IP address, run

In this example IP have a Reverse DNS record Using dig You can also use dig command to find PTR record for an IP […]

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Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management is an Open Source monitoring software for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. It is based on grafana and node_exporter. You can see source code at Install instructions for Percona Monitoring and Management available at See MySQL […]

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EasyEngine Create Site

To create HTML web site

To create PHP web site

To create PHP/MySQL web site

To enable LetsEncrypt SSL, add –letsencrypt

Create WordPress site

Create WordPress site with PHP 7.3 and cache enabled

You can speccify WordPress user, password and email with –user, –pass, –email options. Create WordPress multi […]

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RHCSA Questions

See redhat […]

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Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam Questions Before starting exam

1. Enable selinux as enforcing

2. Enable IP forwarding on your virtual machine

3. Configure FTP access on your system. clients with in should have anonymous FTP access to your machine. clients outside should Not have access to your FTP service. […]

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linux games […]

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Show Hidden Files

For linux to show hidden files when you type ls command Edit ~/.bashrc

Add line

Save and exit. Now you need to re login to SSH to see the hidden files when you type “ls” After editing the file will look like


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