OVH CentOS 7 server grub rescue prompt

On an OVH Cpanel server running CentOS 7, the server won’t boot. When accessing the server console using IPMI, I


How to install docker on AlmaLinux 8

To install docker on AlmaLinux, run the following commands Install yum-utils Add docker repository Install Docker CE with Enable docker


How to Install ffmpeg static build

FFmpeg binary static build available for download from https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/ To install ffmpeg static build, run See ffmpeg


grubby is provided by package grubby on RHEL based systems. To install grubby, run To list all kernels, run To

How to list iptables rules

To view all rules in iptables, run Or To list iptables rules with out resolving IP to hostname To show


How to change varnish port in Ubuntu

To change the varnish port, run the command It opens an editor, in the editor, paste the following This will

Mounting partition stored inside Logical Volume

On a KVM Virtual machine using LVM storage, the LVM disk is partitioned as follows. I want to mount partition

Configure multiple SSL certificates in nuster

Configure multiple SSL certificates in nuster

Nuster is a high performance HTTP proxy cache server. It is based on haproxy. To configure multiple SSL certificates in

How to Remove a logical volume

To remove a logical volume, you can use the command Example This will remove logical volume with the name “win10”


systemd-networkd configuration files are stored in /etc/systemd/network/ Example Here is a sample config To restart systemd-networkd See IP

Apache web server

How to disable a rule in ModSecurity Apache

To disable a rule in ModSecurity, edit Apache configuration, add It will disable rules with IDs 980130 and 949110. On


access denied: tty ‘tty1’ is not secure

On a CentOS 7 server, when login as user root on the console, login fails. If I log in as