How to install and use rdesktop

rdesktop is an open-source client for connecting to windows using Windows Remote Desktop Services. To install rdesktop on CentOS/Fedora run

To install rdesktop on Ubuntu/Debian servers, run

To connect a server with rdesktop


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sshpass is used to non interactively log in to remote SSH server and execute commands. It can use a password from a file, environment variable, or from a command-line argument. To install sshpass on RHEL/CentOS, run

On Debian/Ubuntu


Take MySQL backup on a remote server

Command-line options for sshpass are […]

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basic server utils


For non cpanel server, install epel See Server Setup […]

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bash: locale-gen: command not found

debian linux

When I run locale-gen command, i get the following error

To see which package provide the locale-gen command, run

The command locale-gen is provided by package locales. To fix the error install package “locales” with the command

See locale-gen […]

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