Gitlab find version

To find version of hosted Gitlab installation, run


OpenLiteSpeed Benchmark


OpenLiteSpeed is open source version of popular commercial web server LiteSpeed. OpenLiteSpeed contains all of the essential features found in LiteSpeed Enterprise.

You can get OpenLiteSpeed from

Here is a benchmark from OpenLiteSpeed web site that compare OpenLiteSpeed with Nginx.

OpenLiteSpeed Benchmark

OpenLiteSpeed configuration file

To start/stop/restart, use

OpenLiteSpeed web server stores cache in directory /usr/local/lsws/cachedata. This can grow big overtime. You can delete this folder to free up space or move it to another partition with free disk space and create a symlink.

Web Server

Check if HTTP/2 enabled using curl

To see if a web site have HTTP/2 enabled, you can run

If you see 2, the site have HTTP/2 enabled.


Here is a site with no HTTP/2

wget print content to screen

wget is used to download files. When you use wget to run cronjob, it create lot of files. To avoid this, you can replace wget command with curl.

If you want to use wget, you can use -O option, that speicify file to save. You can use -O /dev/stdout, so downloaded file content will be written to stdout.

You can use -q to hide the download progres message (quite).

-O /dev/stdout can be replaced with



See wget


Redirect site from www to non-www

It is better to make web site available with one URL. Many sites work with both wwww and non-www (naked domain) urls.

Using www or non-www is personal choice. One advantage of using wwww for URL is when you have lot of sub domains. If you use non-www url, cookies set by the domain will be available to sub domains. This will increase bandwidth usage as cookie need to be sent with every request browser make to web server.


If you are using Apache web server, you can redirect wwww to non-www url by adding following code in .htaccess file

Redirect non-www to www


If you use Nginx, it is better create a server entry for www URL, then set a redirect

If you want to use same server entry for www and non-www, add following code to nginx server entry for the web site.

Redirect www domain to non-www

If you use custom ports, use

Redirect Naked Domain to www

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Squid Proxy Server allow connection to all ports

By default Squid proxy only allow out going connection to white listed ports that are used commonly. When you visit a site with non standard ports with Squid proxy, it won’t work. To fix this, edit squid configuration file


Replace with

Restart squid with

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Restart Services in Xampp Linux

You can restart services on xampp linux using

To restart, use

Here are other available options

See Auto start XAMPP on Boot