How to sync NTP time with chrony

chrony is a network time protocol (NTP) implementation. It can be used to keep server time sync with NTP servers.

How to sync NTP time with systemd-timesyncd

systemd-timesyncd is a system service in Linux operating systems that provides time synchronisation with NTP servers. It continuously adjusts the


How to uninstall Imunify360 on Cpanel Server

To uninstall Imunify360, login to WHM, go to terminal and run following commands. You can also run these commands in

Pterodactyl File Manager increase 250 file limit

Pterodactyl is an open-source game control panel. When you view game server files, the file manager only lists 250 files

AtoM PDF thumbnail not working

After migrating AtoM to a new server, PDF thumbnails stopped generating when uploading PDF files. You can regenerate thumbnail for


How to reset CyberPanel admin password

If you have lost the admin password for your CyberPanel, you can reset the password using SSH. Login to CyberPanel

How to install yt-dlp

yt-dlp is a fork of youtube-dl, it can be used to download videos from youtube and many other similar websites.

DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel


DirectAdmin is a powerful and user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage your web hosting environment easily. Whether you

How to add secondary IP address using nmcli

On an AlmaLinux 9 server, I wanted to add secondary IPs to a server. First, I checked the network interface

Mount NFS Drive

NFS (Network File System) is a protocol that allows a computer to access files over a network as if they

SELinux allow non default SSH port

By default, SELinux only allows running SSH service on default port 22. For security, it is better to change the


How to configure IPv6 on OVH AlmaLinux 8 server

First, find the network interface used by the server with ip a command. The interface eno1 has the public IPv4