To benchmark server with GeekBench, you can run

You can create an account on and keep all your benchmaks in one place. Here is my Geekbanch benchmarks If you get error installing, you may need to install depency with

See Benchmark […]

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aaPanel – Free Hosting Control Panel

aaPanel is a free hosting control panel written in Python. To reload nginx, run

Nginx configuration file location

See Hosting Control Panel […]

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Bash check if a program is running or not

You can find process id for a running program with command


We can use pidof command in bash script to find if a program is running or not

See bash […]

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CWP not working after hostname SSL install

On a CentOS Web Panel (CWP) server, control panel stopped working after installing SSL certficate for hostname. When starting cwpsrv service, i get following error.

To fix this, i run

This generated the self signed SSL for hostname. After this CWP control panel started working. Apache still was down, fixed it by removing […]

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Auto restart newrelic-daemon if crashed

On a web server with Newrelic APM installed, graph stopped showing new data. On checking the newrelic log file, i get following error

This is because newrelic-daemon stopped working. To auto restart newrelic-daemon if it crash, do the following

Add following to the file

Make the script executable

Create a cronjob […]

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bash check if a folder is empty or not

To check if a folder is empty of not, you can use

If you want to reverse the checking, you can use !

See bash […]

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bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale

On an Ubuntu server, when i login, i get following error

To fix this, run

See Errors […]

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