To find CPU Temperature, run command sensors


To find the temperature of NVIDIA graphics card, run



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sensors command shows data from various sensors on your computer like CPU temperature, voltage, etc… To install lm-sensors package, run

To see sensor data, run the command “sensors”.

To properly configure sensors, you need to run

This only needs to run one time to detect your hardware configuration. It will ask many […]

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ss is a tool to investigate sockets. It is similar to netstat, but shows more information. To see list of all open ports, run


See netstat […]

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Audacity Import Filter Curve in Ubuntu

The import feature in Audacity Filter Curve Plugin is disabled on Ubuntu. Save feature worked. So what I did was to save a preset, then edit it, replace it with the preset you need. To import Josh Meyer’s Male EQ preset available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/163aSM4c-I6REKDqIzD9IzwiyDR4cXqma/view First saved one of the preset. It asked for a name, […]

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lspci command is used to list PCI devices on your computer. To see all lspci command-line options

To list all PCI devices

To get detailed list

bash: lspci: command not found […]

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Linux tr command (translate)


The tr command is used to translate text. Example

You can also use

To change specific chars

To delete char, use -d option

See Linux Commands […]

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Skype public key is not available

I have Ubuntu 20.04 computer with skype installed. When I update software using apt update, I get an error

To fix this error, delete the key

Add the key again with

Now you can update software with

See Skype […]

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lxc error Unable to fetch GPG key from keyserver

Linux Container

When i create an lxc container on the Ubuntu server, I get an error

To fix this, you can run

To make it permanent, add it to .bashrc

At the end of the file, add

Method 2 You can specify DOWNLOAD_KEYSERVER environment variable for the command with

Method 3 Use […]

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configure: error: Couldn’t find pcre.h, try installing the libpcre


When installing PHP OAuth, I get the following error

To fix, install libpcre3-dev

See Errors […]

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