brctl show

brctl showmacs br0

brctl showstp br0


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Block Country in CSF firewall

CSF firewall can block all traffic from a country or list of counrty using GeoIP database. To block a country, edit file


Replace with

Here is an example to block all traffic from China

If you want to block another counrt, you can add it like

Now restart csf […]

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zpool is tool to manage ZFS file system. Here are some zpool commands


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Install Perl Modules Using CPAN

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) is a directory of Perl modules. To install a perl module, run

In the cpan command prompt, you can type


You can also use

List instaled CPAN modules


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CentovaCast change MySQL password

CentovaCast is a control panel to manage online streaming services. It support shoucast, liqudsoap and icecast streaming servers. To change MySQL Password in CentovaCast, update following files.

You will see something like

Following files is auto generated, this file also contain MySQL login details

See CentovaCast […]

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Can’t locate in @INC

I got error “Can’t locate in @INC” running awk.

On CentOS, this error is fixed by running

See Errors […]

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Wildcard DNS zone in bind

Wildcard DNS zone will act as authoritative DNS for any domain name. This is useful when you have a service like domain name parking service, where customers will change name servers of their domain name to your private label name servers. You need all thse domains get resolved to a specific IP address with out […]

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