Install Preview Generator in Nextcloud

Nextcloud apps

To enable preview for files in nextcloud, you need to install “Preview Generator” from next cloud app store To install login to nextcloud as admin. From right drop down menu, click + Apps link. Once on Apps page, you can use the search button on right side to search for “Preview Generator” and install […]

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Enable SEO url in nextcloud

To enable SEO url in next cloud, first make sure your web server have mod_rewrite module enabled. Edit config.php file

add following

overwrite.cli.url may already there, in that case, don’t add it again. Now run

See NextCloud […]

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Disable systemd-resolved on Ubuntu/Deb/CentOS

systemd-resolved provide DNS resolver facility in newer version of Linux servers running systemd. I prefer manually editing /etc/resolv.conf and add resolvers. If you are running your own DNS server, then you need to disable systemd-resolved as it listen on port 53, with out disabling the service, you can’t start your DNS server. To disable systemd-resolved, […]

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proxychains allow you to route traffic using proxy servers. This is useful for routing traffic throihg applications that do not support proxy by default. For example, i use ssh through proxy chains. To install proxychains on Ubuntu, run

Now you need to edit /etc/proxychains.conf and add your proxy servers.

On my computer, i […]

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Server Load

Here are some useful commands to check server load. iostat shows disk IO usage. %iowait shows how much time process wait for disk operation. This should be 0. If you are on VPS, check for %steal to see if host server is overloaded.

Checks for processes in ā€˜Dā€™ state

Top processes using CPU […]

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Requesting a zone trasnfer with dig

To request a zone transfer using dig, use


See dig […]

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