Debian Allow MySQL root user to login using phpMyAdmin

On Debian/Ubuntu by default MySQL root user can only login from local accounts.

To enable login from phpMyAdmin, you need to set plugin to “mysql_native_password”. To do this, login to MySQL as user root, then run


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Configuring MySQL .my.cnf

Add following content

Replace DBPASSWORD with your MySQL root password. Now set permission for this file to 600, so no user other than root can see it.


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InnoDB: space header page consists of zero bytes in tablespace

On a server, starting MySQL i get following error

This was because the server used InnoDB database engine and my.cnf was not configured properly. First i removed the log files.

Now i edit /etc/my.cnf as follows

This MySQL config is based on /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1.73/my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf provided my MySQL.

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myisamchk: Argument list too long

When repairing a large database, i got following error

To fix the error, run SOLUTION 1


See MySQL […]

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