Disable Access to a folder in Nginx

To disable access to folder /admin in Nginx, add following to server block of your web site.

To disable access to some common virtual control software, use


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Nginx Config for rtmp streaming

Here is nginx config used for RTMP streaming.


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Nginx wildcard virtualhost

wildcard virtual host allow you to host multiple web sites with one configuration file. Here is what i use for bizhat.com free hosting sub domains.

Nginx […]

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Moving from Apache PHP 5 to Nginx PHP 7

Today i moved a high traffic WordPress web using from Apache + PHP 5 to Nginx + PHP 7.2. Here is a graph provided by LiquidWeb (server provider). With Apache, load was like 8. [email protected]:/etc/php# uptime 12:35:01 up 14:33, 1 user, load average: 8.03, 6.66, 5.84 [email protected]:/etc/php# After switching to Nginx + PHP-FPM, load come […]

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Magento 1.9 Nginx Configuration

Here is Nginx + php-fpm config for Magento 1.9 on Ubuntu 16.04/Debian 9.


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Nginx upstream timed out

Edit nginx.conf

Inside http {} block, add

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Nginx configuration for aMember

Here is Nginx configuration for aMember script

See Nginx […]

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Nginx Redirect

Redirect site from www to non-www Redirect www domain to non-www

If you use custom ports, use

Redirect Naked Domain to www

Redirect a site to HTTPS

To redirect a specific URL to another URL

If you want to redirect a URL that matches specific pattern, use


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Nginx SSL Configuration

Lets say we have a nginx virtual host like following

To make it SSL enabled, add following to the server entry.


SSL protocols

dhparam Create

In your nginx config, add

Redirect Traffic to SSL

Disable TLSv1 in Nginx Nginx Proxy SSL Verification See Nginx […]

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