Enable FCGI cache in Nginx

To enable fcgi cache in Nginx, add following code outside server block.

Inside your location for .php files, above the proxy_pass, add



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Nginx WordPress

Here is nginx configuration for wordpress

Nginx Config with FCGI Cache + gzip compression


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Nginx Configuration for phpMyAdmin

On Debian 9 server with nginx, i installed phpmyadmin with

For some reason, ip-address/phpmyadmin did not work. On Ubuntu, it normally ask for for web server you have installed, then configure it during install. I got this working by adding following code

Inside default nginx virtual host

Restart nginx with

Now […]

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vShare Nginx Config

Here is Nginx Configuration for vShare youtube clone script

https://gist.github.com/serverok/1b300ff880db6aca59de0e42d86dadcb https://www.vshare.in […]

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