Install Yarn Package Manager

Yarn is a package manager for JavaScript like npm. It is commonly used for managing dependencies for Node.js applications, but

How to get Contents of a Webpage using PHP curl

PHP cURL module allows you to connect to remote websites and API endpoints to exchange data. To see if you


gridsome error:03000086:digital envelope routines::initialization error

When starting a gridsome project on Ubuntu 20.04 with Node.js version v18.10.0, it failed with the error message “error:03000086:digital envelope


How to change Next.js port

You can start Next.js development server with the command This will start the development server on port 3000. If port


How to Install Yarn Package Manager on Ubuntu

Yarn is a javascript package manager like npm. Import the GPG key Add the repository Instal yrarn with apt See

Laravel supported ciphers are AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC

On a Laravel application, I get the following error message To fix the error, run the command This will generate

How to change URL of a Drupal site

To change the URL of a Drupal website, edit the file Find the line Replace your old domain name with


How to create .NET console program

Once you have dotnet SDK installed, you can create your first program. To create a console project run This will

How To Install ionCube on Ubuntu 20.04

ionCube is PHP extension that is used to load ionCube encoded PHP files. ionCube is used to protect commercial PHP

How to install PHP PECL Extension

PECL is a repository for PHP extensions. To install PHP extensions from PCEL, you can use the command To install

Monitoring APCu with APCu Panel

apcu-panel provide GUI to monitor APCu cache. To install apcu-panel on CentOS, run The package provides following files To enable

nextcloud dashboard

NextCloud APCu not available for local cache

When trying to upgrade nextcloud, I get the following error To fix this, you need to install APC cache. For