First C Program

To create your first C Program, open any text editor, copy and paste the following code

Save it as hello.c Before you can run this program, you need to compile it. To compile run

Make the program executable with

To run


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Codeigniter 3 session not working

On a web application, session not working. I verified PHP session is working with script When refreshing the script, the number start increasing, that confirms PHP session works fine on the server. As for Codeigniter, we need to check the session settings in file application/config/config.php

That looks good. Session will be saved in […]

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Redirect a site to www using PHP

To redirect a site to url with www using PHP, you can use following PHP code

Add this code in your index.php file or another file included by index.php See Redirect […]

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Vue.js is a popular javascript framework. To install Vue, you need Node.js installed.

Install Vue.js with

Verify Vue.js working with

To create a project, run


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PHP script to test IMAP

Here is a PHP Script to login to IMAP server.

See PHP […]

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How to Install Visual Studio Code Server

Visual Studio Code Server

Code Server allow you to run Microsoft Visual Studio Code in the browser. Code Server runs on a remote web server, you can access it by going to special url. This allow business to move development environment to cloud, deploy new developer environment on cloud or on premise server quickly with automation tools. Developers can […]

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