Enable FTP for EasyEngine Website

To Enable FTP for EasyEngine web sites, we need to install pure-ftpd. On Ubuntu/Debian, run

Enable virtial FTP users

In EasyEngine, we sites files are owned by www-data user, this user have a UID of 33. By default pure-ftpd won’t allow this. To enable users with UD 33 to login, run

Now […]

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EasyEngine Create Site

To create HTML web site

To create PHP web site

To create PHP/MySQL web site

To enable LetsEncrypt SSL, add –letsencrypt

Create WordPress site

Create WordPress site with PHP 7.3 and cache enabled

You can speccify WordPress user, password and email with –user, –pass, –email options. Create WordPress multi […]

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Enable Admin Tools in EasyEngine

EasyEngine Admin Tools

EasyEngine come admin tools. This include phpMyAdmin, phpinfo, OpCache GUI, nginx status. To enable admin tool, run

Admin tools are password protected, to get login details, run

You can login to admin tools at

Accessing phpMyAdmin The pma link in EasyEngine Admin tools take you to phpMyAdmin login page. To login, you […]

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EasyEngine Connect to MySQL Database

To Find MySQL root password on EasyEngine, run


To connect to MySQL console, run

See EasyEngine […]

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Upgrade EasyEngine

EasyEngine upgrade

To upgrade EasyEngine, run

It is recommended you run this in tmux or screen to avoid disconnection while upgrading. Example

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EasyEngine is a command line tool to manage/configure Nginx web server. https://easyengine.io/ To install EasyEngine, run

Create Web Site EasyEngine Create Site Enable Let’s Encrypt Enable FTP for EasyEngine Website Easy Engine HOWTOs Upgrade EasyEngine EasyEngine Renew SSL EasyEngine Connect to MySQL Database EasyEngine backup WordPress Database Enable Admin Tools in EasyEngine EasyEngine Folders […]

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