linux software installation

Install Thin web server Install Xfce VNC remote desktop on CentOS 7 How to install LetsEncrypt SSL on Bitnami WordPress Server Install Elasticsearch with Docker Install MySQL 8 on FreeBSD How to Install Xfce and VNC on Ubuntu 20.04 How to install ImunifyAV+ How to install development tools on Debian/Ubuntu Install Nginx ModSecurity on CentOS […]

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How to find CPU of a Linux Server

To find CPU used on a Linux system, run command



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Server Load

Here are some useful commands to check server load. iostat shows disk IO usage. %iowait shows how much time the process waits for disk operation. This should be 0. If you are on VPS, check for %steal to see if the host server is overloaded.

Checks for processes in ā€˜Dā€™ state

Top processes […]

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Show git branch in terminal

show git branch in terminal

When working with git, to avoid accidental commit to wrong branch, it will be better if terminal show the branch name you are currently in. To display “git branch” in terminal, edit .bashrc

Add following code to end of the file.

You will need to restart terminal after making changes to ~/.bashrc file […]

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Find Reverse-DNS/PTR using dig, nslookup, host

Reverse-DNS/PTR is used by mail servers. It is used to map an IP address to FQDN or hostname. To find Reverse DNS record for an IP address, run

In this example IP have a Reverse DNS record Using dig You can also use dig command to find PTR record for an IP […]

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