curl using cookie

Here is some example of using curl to login to site, use cookie to do further requests.

See curl […]

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chown command is ued to change ownership of a file or folder In this example ownership of folder public_html to username and group specified.

-R used for recursively change ownership, that is all files and folders inside the folder also get the new ownership. See Linux Commands […]

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Enable atd

Setting Job

Deleting at job

See linux commands […]

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rpmquery command allow you to check if a specific rpm package installed on your computer.


See rpm […]

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Install PowerDNS on Ubuntu 20.04

PowerDNS is an OpenSource DNS server. Update apt repo

On Ubuntu, systemd-resolved listen to port 53. This is a local DNS resolver, we need to stop this service before we can install PowerDNS.

To install PowerDNS with MySQL backend, run

Since we are using MySQL backend to store DNS zones, we need […]

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How to increase /tmp partition size

On a Linux server /tmp partition was only 1 GB, it get full at times. Server had following in its /etc/fstab file

Currenly file /var/.tempdisk is mounted as /tmp. So i created a new file with 4 GB size

Format it as ext4 file system

Before i swith /tmp to newly created […]

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