ISPConfig LetsEncrypt Free SSL

Add SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel

To add SSL for ISPConfig control panel, add server hostname as a web site in ISPConfig and enable the LetsEnrypt checkbox. That will get SSL installed for your hostname. Make sure you verify hostname resolve to the ISPConfig server before doing this or SSL validation fail.

Once you have valid LetsEncrypt SSL certficate installed on your site, create file

Add following content

If you use nginx, replace apache2 on last line with nginx.

Now set a cronjob


Now you should be able to access ISPConfig with url https://HOSTNAME:8080

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Install SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel

First find hostname for the server using command

Login to ISPConfig, add this web site. Get an SSL issued for this web site. Verify SSL works for this site.

Now create file

Add following content to the file

Excute the script

When you run first time, you may get missing file error, you can ignore it.

Set a cronjob

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VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

VestaCP SSL for mail server

VestaCP install self signed SSL for mail server by default. To install valid SSL, login to VestCP, go to sites. You will see a site with your sites hostname. If you don’t see it, create a site with your server hostname. Make sure DNS edited so hostname resolve to server IP. Now you should be able to get free LetsEncrypt SSL for this site.

if you check Apache Virtual Host for the site, you will see someting like

In VeataCP the config files for exim and dovecot located at

These configs use SSL located at /usr/local/vesta/ssl/certificate.crt and /usr/local/vesta/ssl/certificate.key.

To use the FREE SSL, create a bash script.


make the file executable

Run the script

Now SSL will work for mail server and VestaCP. To access VestaCP, use

Verify Mail Server SSL

You can view mail server SSL with command

Replace HOSTNAME with actual hostname of your server.

Auto Renew SSL

LetsEncrypt SSL expire every 90 days. So we will create a cronjob to auto renew SSL. Ff you have a paid SSL, you don’t need this cronjob

Create a cronjob with


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VestaCP Free Hosting Control Panel

Disable Native Notification on Google Chrome Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, Google chrome had a disable native notification option. On Chrome 78, this option is removed. But you still can manually enable it.

To enbale chrome notification, edit file


Replace with

Save and exit the file. Now restart google chrome.

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apropos is a linux command that search manual pages and descriptions.


See Linux Commands

maximum number of open files and file descriptors in linux

To see open files in linux use the command

There is a limit set in the kernel on how many open file descriptors are allowed on the system. This may be compiled in, or it may be tunable on the fly. In Linux, the value of this parameter can be read from and written to the proc filesystem.

On this system 1,31,072 open file descriptors are permitted. We are unlikely to run out. If we wanted to change it, we’d do something like this:

But how do we know how many file descriptors are being used?

df not showing all mounts

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This is caused by corrupt /etc/mtab

To fix

See df

Show disk usage with df

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df not showing all mounts