No space left on device

On a server, when creating new files, i get error – “No space left on device”.

Check disk space with df -h, it shows 129 GB disk space is free

This can be due to inodes getting full, check inodes usage with “df -i”.

As you can use Inodes are all used up.

To find where inodes are used up, run

If you have recent version of du, you can use

This will display all folders with inode usage, sorted by inode usage.

Disable IPv6

To disable IPv6, edit

Add following


vim E509: Cannot create backup file (add ! to override)

When i save file on a server in vim, i get error

“FILE_NAME.EXTN” E509: Cannot create backup file (add ! to override)
Press ENTER or type command to continue

I verified vim backupdir with command

That showed “backupdir=.,~/tmp,~/”, i compared it with vim installed on my PC, it looked same.

I tried to create a file on the server using touch, it failed.

The error was due to disk full on the server and vim was not able to create a backup file.

See vim

Vim 8 goes Visual Mode on right click

Vim 8 shipped with Fedora 25 and Debian 9 when you mouse right click or use middle button to insert text to vim editor, it just go VISUAL mode.

This is because default changes in Vim 8.

Solution 1

The solution is to press SHIFT key before using mouse.

SHIFT + right mouse button = you will get paste option for copied text.

SHIFT + middle mouse button (press mouse wheel) = selected text will be pasted to vim.

SHIFT + INSERT = paste.

Solution 2

use vim.tiny, this can be activated by running


Solution 3

Run command

to make this permanent, edit ~/.vimrc file, add

See vi