Install MATE desktop with xrdp on Ubuntu Server

Login to ubuntu server using SSH and run the following command to install MATE desktop environment Create a normal user.


How to change varnish port in Ubuntu

To change the varnish port, run the command It opens an editor, in the editor, paste the following This will


rsyslog Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing

When updating packages on an Ubuntu server, I got the error “Unsafe symlinks encountered in /var/log, refusing.”. This is due


apt error doesn’t support architecture ‘i386’

On an Ubuntu server, when running “apt update” command, I got the following error message This error is because the


How to install dropbear SSH server

Dropbear is a Lightweight SSH server. You can use it as openssh server alternative. Dropbear is particularly useful for embedded


Reset nextcloud admin password (snap install)

To reset the admin password of a nextcloud installed using the snap package, run It will ask for the new


How to install .NET SDK in Ubuntu 20.04

To install .NET on ubuntu 20.04, run the following commands To find all versions of .NET SDK available, run To


How to convert images to webp format in Ubuntu

Webp is a new image format for the web. It can be used on websites for the fast and efficient


Install CSF firewall on Ubuntu Server

First, install libwww-perl package needed for CSF firewall Install CSF with Change following settings in csf.conf file If you need

dpkg dependency problems not removing

When removing a package, I got the following error message It is fixed by specifying –ignore-depends=plesk-core in apt command. Example

dpkg package pre-removal script returned error

On a Plesk server, MySQL somehow went missing. When I tried to remove a package, I get error To fix

Convert image to WebP format in Ubuntu

WebP is an image format for web by Google. The size of webp images are much smaller compared with other