Install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04

skype install ubuntu

To install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04 (this work with other Ubuntu/Debian versions), run


Install AnyDesk on Ubuntu using flatpak

AnyDesk ubuntu flatpak

AnyDesk is a remote desktop sharing application like TeamViewer and Google Remote Desktop. I normally use Google Chrome Remote desk as it is completely free. TeamViewer is popuplar alternative, but if they found out you are using it more often, they will limit your session to 5 minutes, some times even less to force you pay for paid version.

AnyDesk available for Ubuntu in deb file. I don’t like installing .deb package as it run a background process on port 7070 or somthing like that. So i decided to go with flatpak version.

First install flatpak with command

Add remote

Now you can install AnyDesk with command

flatpak install anydesk

To run AnyDesk, run

Install Gitlab on Debian/Ubuntu

Install requirements

Setup repo/dependency

Install gitlab

Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 18.04 OVH VPS

Default /etc/network/interfaces in Ubuntu 18.04 in OVH VPS look like following

First install

Configure Main IP

use “ip a” command to find out interface name and IP of the VPS

In this case,

IP =
Interface Name = ens3

Use “route -n” command to find out gateway.


Edit /etc/network/interfaces

Add following


For this server, i added.

Now reboot the server.

Once server is back online, you can configure failover IPS.

Configure Failover IP

Use following script to generate your config, add in end of /etc/network/inferfaces file

php script to generate ip config

Once configured, you need to reboot the servr.

Verify IP is up with fping command.


Odoo apt signatures couldn’t be verified

When updating apt on Ubuntu server, i get following error

To fix, run

Ubuntu AppArmor

To see status of apparmor, run

AppArmor config files in

You can stop start AppArmor with

Disable AppArmor

MySQL not starting on Ubuntu 18.04


MySQL not starting on Ubuntu 18.04

MySQL did not start on Ubuntu 18.04 server. This is fresh server, i removed all MySQL packages, removed configuration files.

Reinstalled MySQL.

Still MySQL fail to start with some error related to

Full error here

Initially i was thinking the problem is with Ubuntu 18.04 mysql package. So i set up another fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server, installed MySQL 5.7 and it worked prefectly fine.

Now i checked the permission for the folders. For this i enabled shell access for MySQL user.

Now i change to this user with command

I chaged to /var/log/mysql folder, it worked fine, i can write to the file /var/log/mysql/error.log. Tested with

It is not a permission problem. I checked the /var/log foler, found this is not an actual folder, a symlink to another folder.

This is caused by AppArmor. I disabled AppArmour with

Start MySQL with

I get some error related to data directory, i checked folder /var/lib/mysql and found it was empty. I created MySQL data folder with command

On restarting MySQL again, MySQL worked fine. But i can’t login as user root. When you initialize MySQL data folder, MYSQL generate and store temporary password in /var/log/mysql/error.log, to find the password, i run

You need to change this temporary password as it is set as expired by default. This can be done with command

Set a new secure password when it ask.

Fixing AppArmor

We need to tell AppArmour to allow MySQL to use /mnt/log/mysql folder for logging. To do this, edit file.

Added following to it.

Now restart AppArmor.

Now MySQL will work properly.


Install ionCube on Ubuntu 18.04

Download ioncube loader

Find extension diretcory and copy .so file to php extension diretcory. To find php extension directory run

For PHP 7.2, run

Enable ioncube

for Apache, run

for php-fpm, run