Enable Remote Desktop in Ubuntu from the command line

Method 1: Using x11vnc Connect to remote computer with SSH

Install x11vnc

start x11vnc as the user that is logged in to GUI.

Now you should be able to connect to the desktop using any vnc client software using

Method 2: Using vino Connect to remote computer with SSH

Run […]

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Install PowerDNS on Ubuntu 20.04

PowerDNS is an OpenSource DNS server. Update apt repo

On Ubuntu, systemd-resolved listen to port 53. This is a local DNS resolver, we need to stop this service before we can install PowerDNS.

To install PowerDNS with MySQL backend, run

Since we are using MySQL backend to store DNS zones, we need […]

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Prevent Notification steal focus on Ubuntu 18.04

On Ubuntu, some times notifications steal focus from current application. This annoying when you are working on terminal. This is due to start focus feature of gnome when your mouse is over the notification area.

We need to change the value of focus-new-windows from smart to strict. This can be done with command


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Install wireguard VPN on Ubuntu

To install wireguard VPN on ubuntu, run

Generate Keys

Configure wireguard You can generate wireguard configuration using https://www.wireguardconfig.com […]

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Disable sshd start on boot in ubuntu

On my local computer, i have installed openssh-server, but i don’t want it always enabled. To disable openssh-server from auto start on boot, run


If you want to start ssh server on boot, run systelctl enable ssh

See Ubuntu […]

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Install VirtualBox 6.1 on Ubuntu 18.04

VirtualBox 6.1 on Ubuntu

First you need to add VirtualBox repository

Add Keys

Do an apt upgrade

If you have older version of VirtualBox installed, remove it

Install VirtualBox 6.1 with

If you use Vagrant, you may need to install latest version as the vagrant provided by ubuntu won’t work with VirtualBox 6.1 […]

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kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

When connecting to Ubuntu 20.04 server using SSH from a Mac computer, get an error

On checking the servers log file (/var/log/auth.log), found the following error message

To fix this, on the server, edit sshd_config

At end of the file, add

Restart ssh

See SSH […]

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Ubuntu Screen Recorder

Ubuntu come with screen recorder, this can be activated with shortcut

By default, it will record for 30 seconds. Video get saved in your home directory (/home/USERNAME) in webm format. If you want to increase time, you can run following command

It is better to set this to 0, this way record never […]

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