Set Time in Cpanel Server

Cpanel WHM server time

In Cpanel Server, you can set Time Zone in WHM once you logged in as user root. If you have WHM reseller access you won’t be able to set server time. You need to contact the server administrator with root access to set the time. Go to

You can also use the search box […]

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How To See Currently Running Processes in Cpanel/WHM Server

CPanel WHM process

To see the currently running process on Cpanel/WHM server, log in to WHM. Search for “process” on the left-top corner search box. Under System health, click on “Process Manager”

This page list all running process. On the left of each process, you have the option to kill a process and trace. The “trace” option […]

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Cpanel Mail Server

To see the current mail server setup on the Cpanel server, run

Cpanel Provide Following Mail servers

Roundcube mail logs in Cpanel

See exim mail server, Cpanel Server […]

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How to Enable WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM

WordPress Toolkit

To install WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM, first install it with command

After installation, you will be able to see WordPress Toolkit in CPanel. You can enable/disable WordPress toolkit under Feature Manager in WHM.

How to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit This video will show how to install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel […]

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Check if Cpanel Server need reboot from command line

To check if Cpanel/WHM server need reboot from command line, run

Example On a server with latest kernal

On a server that need reboot

See Getting WHM Access from SSH on Cpanel Server […]

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How to Disable Mailman in cPanel?

WHM Cpanel Service Manager

Mailman is a mailing list management software that comes by default on Cpanel Servers. Most websites don’t need this feature. Most small sites don’t need email discussion features provided by Mailman, mostly used by large scale open-source software for email discussion. To disable Mailman, login to WHM Method 1 In WHM, search for “service manager”, […]

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Red Hat Killing CentOS Linux, Fight for CentOS clone

RedHat, parent company of CentOS Linux announce it will stop supporting CentOS 8, the latest version of CentOS. CentOS is build from the source code RHEL, making a free version of stable and well-tested enterprise ready RHEL Linux. CentOS 7 will keep getting security updates until it reaches End Of Life June 30th, 2024. For […]

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