Install Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu for Magento 2.3

To install Elasticsearch, add the key

add apt repository

install elasticsearch with apt

Set elasticsearch to start on boot

Elasticsearch can be started and stopped as follows:

verify elasticsearch is running with

or with

if it fail to start, you can debug with

See elasticsearch […]

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Enable memcached on Magento 2 in Plesk Server

memcached telnet

To install memcached, run

Enable memcached php module

This is for PHP 7.3, change the path to pecl for your version of PHP. Activate memcached

Update php handler

Restart php-fpm

Install memcached deamon

Restart memcached

Verify it is working with netstat

Activate memcached in Magento 2 Edit […]

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Magento 2 list enabled modules

To list Modules in Magento 2, run


See Magento 2 […]

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Magento Change URL


Magento store web site url in table core_config_data. To see current url, in phpMyAdmin or MySQL command line, run

Normally this show 2 entry. If it shows more than 2 entry, it is because you have more store configured in your Magento installation. In such case, you should be careful to change correct URL. […]

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Install Elasticsearch 6 on Debian for Magento

To install Elasticsearch for Magento on Debian, install Java 1.8 and apt-transport-https

Add key

Add repository

Install Elasticsearch

Enable and start Elasticsearch


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Magento 1 Command Line Tool


Magento 2 comes with command line tool to manage magento installation. This help you to do many tasks like clearning cache, install extension easier. Magento 1 CLI is available from To install Magento 1 command line tool, go to Magento install folder and run

Now you will be able to use the command […]

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Change Magento 1.9 admin URL

To change Magento admin URL, login to Magento Admin area. Go to System > Configuration On next page, from side menu, click on Admin menu. On next page

Replace “okadmin” with whatever folder name you need for your magento admin area. Click “Save Config” Edit file


Replace admin with your new […]

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Clean Magento session folder

On a VPS hosting Magento 1.9 disk was getting full. On checking, found var/session folder taking too much disk space. Disk usage was 34 GB. This folder is used to store PHP session files. You can delete them. I created a cronjob to delete the session files that are older.

Add following content


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