MariaDB Change Open Files Limit

When using systemctl, you can set value for open_files_limit in my.cnf file. Default installation of MariaDB 10 have open_files_limit set to 16384. To increase value for open_files_limit, create file


Reload systemctl

Restart mariadb

After doing this, it get changed to 32184 instead of 1048576 we specified in limitnofile.conf To fix […]

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Install Latest MariaDB on CentOS

MariaDB install CentOS

To install latest MariaDB on CentOS server, go to On this page, select CentOS, then select your CentOS version and MariaDB version you need. Below you will see instruction for your specific version of CentOS. Install MariaDB 10.5 on CentOS 7 CentOS 7 by default provide MariaDB 5.5. To install MariaDB 10.5 Create file […]

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MariaDB ERROR 1524 Plugin unix_socket is not loaded

After upgrading MariaDB on Ubuntu server, i got following error

Users created worked fine. Only root user had this error. To fix, you need to enable plugin. Edit file


Add below

Resatrt MariaDB

See MySQL […]

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MySQL server has gone away

When restoring a MySQL database, i get error “MySQL server has gone away”.

To fix this, edit MySQL configuration file. Add following line under [mysqld] section.

Restart MySQL

If you use MariaDB

Related Posts MySQL […]

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Ubuntu 18.04 MariaDB 10.2 Too many open files


On my computer running Ubuntu 18.04, MriaDB stopped working. PHP application i run on my computer failed with error

Application can’t find the table. So i tried to login to MySQL and see if table is there or not. But i get error

Next i checked if this is due to any MySQL […]

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Install MariaDB 10.3 on CentOS 7


MariaDB is an Open Source MySQL drop in replacement. MariaDB provides repository for various operating systems at To install MariaDB 10.3 on CentOS 7, create file


Install MariaDB server and client with

Enable MariaDB start on boot

Start MariaDB


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MariaDB DEFAULT NULL ERROR 1064 (42000)

When trying to restore a MySQL databse bakcup taken on MySQL 5.7 server to MairaDB 10.1 server i get following error.

Source server

Destination server

I opend the SQL file in editor and checked line 287, i run the SQL in mysql, that resulted in error

I run the command on […]

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MariaDB Repository Setup Script

This script configure MariaDB repository on your server. You can find more details on offical page To setup mariadb repo, run

I was expecting it ask me what version of MariaDB i like to setup. But it just setup MariaDB 10.4. I wanted to upgrade MariaDB to version 10.2, anyway i did upgrade […]

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