OpenLiteSpeed Change PHP version

I installed OpenLiteSpeed on a server. Default PHP version was 7.3. I wanted PHP 7.4 on this server. To install PHP 7.4, run

To change PHP version, i edited file


In that, find

Replace with

Now restart PHP and openlitespeed

See OpenLiteSpeed […]

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OpenLiteSpeed move Swapping Directory


By default OpenLiteSpeed use /tmp/lshttpd/swap for temp files. If your /tmp partition is small, disk may get full. To move OpenLiteSpeed swap partition to / partition do the following.

Now login to OpenLiteSpeed admin interface at

If you don’t have user name and password, you can reset it by running command

Once […]

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Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit

To monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit on Ubuntu Server, create file

Add following content

Reload monit with

Now monit will monitor OpenLiteSpeed, restart if required. You can check status with

If you want to monitor if web server is responding to request, you can use


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Install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server

Zend OpCache GUI

To install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server, run

Now restart PHP with command

Zend OpCache GUI Zend OpCache GUI shows stats for OpCache. This is for monitoring purpose only. You can download it from All you need to do is download the files, exact it, upload it to your web site. It […]

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OpenLiteSpeed restart PHP

On OpenLiteSpeed, if you edit php.ini or installed a PHP module, restart OpenLiteSpeed won’t show the changes. You will need to restart PHP process. You can do this by killing all PHP process with

Or you can create a file

If you need PHP restarted just for a web site, run


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OpenLiteSpeed Binary Installation

OpenLiteSpeed Change Admin Password

You can download latest version of OpenLiteSpeed web server from There are 2 download links for each version of OpenLiteSpeed, here we use the binary download. To install verison 1.7.1, run

To start/stop OpenLiteSpeed, use following commands

OpenLiteSpeed control panel available at

Default password for admin user is 123456. […]

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Install OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS

OpenLiteSpeed Benchmark

To install OpenLiteSpeed web server on CentOS, install repository for your CentOS version For CentOS 6

For CentOS 7

For CentOS 8

To install OpenLiteSpeed, run

Before you can install PHP, you need epel repository enabled with

Install PHP with

Set symlink

Start OpenLiteSpeed with

To stop […]

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OpenLiteSpeed Benchmark

OpenLiteSpeed Binary Installation Install OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS LiteSpeed Web Server Install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit OpenLiteSpeed move Swapping Directory OpenLiteSpeed restart PHP OpenLiteSpeed Change PHP version OpenLiteSpeed is open source version of popular commercial web server LiteSpeed. OpenLiteSpeed contains all of the essential features found in LiteSpeed Enterprise. You can […]

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Install OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu/Debian

OpenLiteSpeed Change Admin Password

OpenLiteSpeed ia an Open Source version of LiteSpeed Web Server. To install OpenLiteSpeed, add repository by running

Now you have openlitespeed packages available on your server. Here is packages available on a Debian 9 server. To install OpenLiteSpeed, run

OpenLiteSpeed will be installed in folder

You can start/stop OpenLiteSpeed using command


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Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7

CyberPanel is a hosting control panel created by LitesSeedTech. CyberPanel use OpenLiteSpeed, an open source version of LiteSpeed Web server. CyberPanel is Free to use for 1 domain, unlimited sub domain. To install CyberPanel, run

It ask you number of MySQL instance. I selected option 1 On next screen, it ask you to […]

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