Install ioncube on CentOS Plesk Server

To install ioncube on Plesk server, run

To verify ioncube installed, create a PHP file with following content

Upload it to server and access the file via web browser. You will see phpinfo. This will show ioncube if installed properly. […]

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Plesk Install PHP

Plesk License Number

To install differnt version of PHP in plesk server, run

This will list available PHP versions to install. To install PHP 5.3, run

To install PHP 5.6, run

See Plesk […]

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Find Plesk License key

About Plesk

To find Plesk serial number on Linux server, run

You can also use

But the plesk_key_id you get is in diff format, plesk themself won’t accept this when you submit a support ticket. You can also find Plesk License key by logging into Plesk Plesk > Tools & Settings > About Plesk On […]

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Plesk Port

Plesk Nginx fail to start on boot Plesk MySQL Daily Backup Script Repair Plesk Server Change PHP version for a site in Plesk Command line General Find Plesk Version Find Plesk License key List all installed extensions in Plesk Plesk move vhosts folder Plesk Change Backup Location How to enable gzip on […]

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Plesk Nginx fail to start on boot

On a Debian Server with Plesk Control Panel, Nginx did not start on boot. On checking status, i get

/var/log/nginx/error_log had following error 2018/01/22 18:30:19 [emerg] 700#0: bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) Solution Edit nginx.service file

Find line

Add above (on a new line)


Replace […]

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