Plesk Mail not working amavis error

When sending email from a Plesk server, i get error

This is beccause amavis service is not running. It is supposed to be run in port 10024 When i try to start amavis service, i get error

This is becuase Perl DBI module was missing. On Ubuntu server, i found the package that […]

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Uninstall ImunifyAV on Plesk Server

Uninsall Plesk Extension

ImunifyAV is a free antivirus for Linux Server. On a Plesk server, i installed paid version of ImunifyAV. Now plesk shows both paid and free versions.

To remove free version of ImunifyAV, run

See Plesk Server […]

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Plesk mail not working 10024: Connection refused

On a Plesk mail server, when sending/reciving email, it fail with following error in /var/log/maillog

To fix, reinstall email-security extension.

Verify mail works. If all good, you can reinstall the Plesk mail security extension from Plesk admin

If its mail configuration issue, you can run

Plesk Mail not working amavis error […]

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How to enable gzip on Plesk Nginx

To enable gzip on Plesk server with Nginx proxy, go to

Click on the domain for which you need gzip compression enbaled. click on “Apache & nginx Settings”. On next page, scroll down, add following to “Additional nginx directives” text box.

To verify gzip is working, you can open a file directly in […]

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Plesk Change Backup Location

Plesk License Number

By default, Plesk store backups in folder /var/lib/psa/dumps/. To move this to a differnt partition or directory, create a folder

Edit file


Replace with

Move old backup to new location

Remove old backup directory, here i rename it to dumps-old, you can delete it.

Restart Plesk

Related […]

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Plesk move vhosts folder

Plesk use /var/www/vhosts folder to store sites. On some servers this folder will be on smaller partition. Say you have all disk space on partition /home, in such cause, you can use following command to move web site files to /home folder with following command.

/home/ = you can replace this any any folder […]

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Install PHP 5.6 on Debian 9 Plesk Server

Plesk License Number

To install PHP 5.6 on Debian 9 Plesk Server, add repository

Install PHP 5.6 with apt

Optional: Enable PHP 5.6 as default CLI

This will show all available PHP version, select the default version for command line. Enable PHP 5.6 in Plesk


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Install MagicSpam on Plesk

Plesk MagicSpam

MagicSpam is an anti spam filter for Plesk and DirectAdmin servers. You can purchase MagicSpam from To install MagicSpam, upload the zip file you get to /root/ folder of your server and run



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Install Redis on Plesk Debian Server

Plesk License Number

To install Redis on Plesk Debian/Ubuntu server, run

Enable and restart redis-server

Now install PHP Modules

After installing, you will see redis listed in phpinfo() page. […]

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Install Plesk On Linux Server

To install Plesk Control Panel on Linux Server, run

Once install completed, you will be asked to login to Plesk URL Once on the page, you will be asked to create admin user. Once this is done, Plesk is ready to use. […]

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