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WHM HTTP error 401 You do not have permission

When I access WHM of a server, I got the following error message This is because WHM access is disabled

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Enable WebSocket in Cpanel Server with Nginx

On a Cpanel server, WebSocket server was running on port 8080. It worked fine with HTTP. After enabling HTTPS, it

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Ubuntu Cpanel Can’t locate in @INC

Cpanel control panel recently started supporting Ubuntu Operating System. Ubuntu support was announced after RedHat stopped supporting RHEL-based CentOS. When

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How to Increase size of /tmp on cpanel server

To increase the size of /tmp folder, first, stop monitoring services, so it won’t get auto started while we resize

How to install PHP ssh2 module in Cpanel Server

PHP ssh2 module allows you to connect to SSH servers. On Cpanel servers, this module is not available under EasyApache.

Install Cpanel Control Panel

Install Cpanel Control Panel

To install the Cpanel/WHM control panel, run the following command as user root.

Cpanel WHM server time

Set Time in Cpanel Server

In Cpanel Server, you can set Time Zone in WHM once you logged in as user root. If you have

CPanel WHM process

How To See Currently Running Processes in Cpanel/WHM Server

To see the currently running process on Cpanel/WHM server, log in to WHM. Search for “process” on the left-top corner

Disable catch-all email on Cpanel Server

Disable catch-all email on Cpanel Server

To disable catch-all email address for all sites hosted on Cpanel Server, run Back to Cpanel Server

How to fix Cpanel Server shared IP address show customer site

How to fix Cpanel Server shared IP address show customer site

On a Cpanel Server, when you visit a shared IP address used by multiple websites, you will see the website

WHM IP functions

How To Add an Additional IP Address in cPanel Server

Cpanel servers allow you to add multiple IP addresses. Additional IP addresses are useful for running name servers, hosting sites

cpanel password protected site ssl

CPanel SSL Renew on password protected site

We have a site where we host demo websites that we do for our customers. We don’t want search engines