Cpanel enable http2

Enable HTTP/2 in Cpanel Server

HTTP/2 only work with mod_worker or mod_event. if you use other mpm modulesm you need to swith to worker or event.

To install http2, login to WHM as user root. Go to

Now under Apache Modules, search for “http2”. Use the selector on right side to install it. Click “Next” until it it reach provision page. Click “Provision”.

Cpanel enable http2

Configuration for http2 located at

You can verify HTTP2 work for your site at

Most browsers only support HTTP2 over SSL, so make sure you have SSL (https://) enabled.

See Cpanel Server

phpMyAdmin missing from WHM after upgrade

On WHM, phpMyAdmin was missing from left menu after Cpanel upgrade.

Verify cpanel-phpmyadmin package insalled on the server.

Since phpmyadmin package was installed, clear WHM cache with commands

After clearning browser cahce, phpMyAdmin started showing in WHM.

Install Imunify Anti Virus on Cpanel Server

ImunifyAV is a free Antivirus for Cpanel servers by CloudLinux.

To install Imunify Anti Virus on Cpanel CloudLinux server, run

On non CLoudLinux servers, run

For Plesk, it is available as an extension

See cloudlinux

CloudLinux EasyApache 4 Profile Missing

On CloudLinux server, EasyApache profile was missing.

WHM shows following error message

Re installing ea-profiles-cpanel did not help.

The issue is resolved by running

See Cpanel

Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server

To install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server, run

This will instal 15 day TRAIl version of the LiteSpeed Web Server. Once you purchased license, you will be able to update license key in WHM.

LiteSpeed Web Server installed on folder

To restart LiteSpeed, run

Once LiteSpeed installed, you need to switch to LiteSpeed by running

You can also do this in WHM.

You can login to web interface at

You will need admin password to login here, to set admin password, run

CloudLinux lasapi php

Enable CloudLinux PHP lsapi

CloudLinux provides high performance PHP module lsapi. It is a replacement for suphp available on cpanel servers. lsapi module is a based on LiteSpeed Technologies API for PHP.

To enable lsapi in CloudLinux Cpanel Server, go to

Provision profile

CloudLinux lasapi php

Click “Provision” and wait until the software is updated.

Now you need to set lsapi as default PHP handler. To do this, go to

WHM Multi PHP Manager

Click on “PHP Handlers”.

On Next page, you can set handler for each PHP versions.

You can set PHP handler to lsapi gloabally using following command

Once you run it, all PHP version handlers will get chanegd to lsapi.

If you check PHP info, you will see Server API listed as LiteSpeed.

LiteSpeed Server API


Cpanel Server Disk Partition

Many server providers setup server with smaller / partition like 20 GB. This is fine for normal Linux Servers, you will need more disk space on Cpanel Servers. Many use CloudLinux on Cpanel Servers, this will require you to have more free disk space on / partition.

The partition i use for Cpanel Servers are

I don’t create seperate partition for /usr and /var as this will use up more space, may end up one of the partition get filled up while other have lot of free space. Having one partition for /, you don’t need to worry much.

Another partition scheme is give everything to /

Install mod_remoteip in Cpanel Server

To install mod_remoteip in Cpanel Server, run

Edit file


Restart Apache.

At this stage, PHP applications will show proper visitor IP address.

Apache access logs will still show proxy server IP. To fix this, edit Apache configuration file.


Replace with

Restart Apache