Getting WHM Access from SSH on Cpanel Server

To get WHM access from SSH, run

This is useful when you have SSH key access to server, but no root password.


Open the URL you get in terminal in a browser, you have WHM root access with out password.

For Cpanel, use


Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

I was running Ubuntu 18.04 daily build on my server just to get ready for upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release.

Since Ubuntu 18.04 is not yet released, Docker.com do not provide a away to install docker on Ubuntu 18.04.

To install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04, run

On 2018-02-28, repository have docker version 17.03-2-ce

Restart php-fpm in Cpanel Server

To restart php-fpm on Cpanel server, run

For Cpanel php-fpm, run

php-fpm config stored in /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/etc/php-fpm.conf, pool config available in folder

php70 is for PHP version 7, replace it with actual PHP version you are using.

Cpanel Server


Fix Cpanel SSH Service in WHM

You may need to restart SSH on Cpanel server with default settings to get SSH access. This may needed when you work on a server with unknown SSH port or when SSH service on the server is failed/limited for some reason.

To fix SSH, login to WHM, then access following URL

URL will look like

Cpanel Server

Allow Passive FTP in Cpanel Server with CSF

To enable Passive FTP in Cpanel Server running CSF firewall, check the passive ports used in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

As you can see pureFTPd use ports 49152 to 65534 for data transfer when in passive mode. You need to open these ports in CSF firewall.

Edit csf.conf

Find line start with

Add ports ,49152:65534.

Here is what i have on a Cpanel server

Restart csf firewall with

See csf

WHM Software Module Installers

Install ImageMagick PHP module in Cpanel Server

To install ImageMagick on Cpanel Server, in root SSH, run

To install PHP Module, login to WHM as user root.

WHM > Software > Module Installers

WHM Software Module Installers

Click on Manage link for PHP Pecl.

Cpanel PHP Pecl Installer

Select the PHP version from drop down list on which you need ImageMagick PHP module installed.

Search for “imagick”.


Click on install link to install imagick PHP module.


To install softaculos, run

You need to enable ioncube, this can be done in WHM > Tweek Settings

Cpanel Server

To update cpanel server license, run


Cpanel New Server Setup

Cpanel Tips

Install Modules


See Hosting Control Panel

Cpanel NetworkManager error

Cpanel Error NetworkManager is installed

When installing Cpanel on a dedicated server, i get error

NetworkManager is installed and running, or configured to startup.

To fix this, you just need to uninstall NetworkManager package.

Cpanel NetworkManager error

Another error i got on same server is

2017-12-18 09:47:20 1076 (FATAL): /etc/resolv.conf must be configured with non-local resolvers for installations to complete.

This error is fixed by editing /etc/resolv.conf and adding “nameserver” line.