To install softaculos, run

You need to enable ioncube, this can be done in WHM > Tweek Settings

Cpanel Server

To update cpanel server license, run


Cpanel New Server Setup

Cpanel Tips

Install Modules


See Hosting Control Panel

Cpanel NetworkManager error

Cpanel Error NetworkManager is installed

When installing Cpanel on a dedicated server, i get error

NetworkManager is installed and running, or configured to startup.

To fix this, you just need to uninstall NetworkManager package.

Cpanel NetworkManager error

Another error i got on same server is

2017-12-18 09:47:20 1076 (FATAL): /etc/resolv.conf must be configured with non-local resolvers for installations to complete.

This error is fixed by editing /etc/resolv.conf and adding “nameserver” line.