Install mod_remoteip in Cpanel Server

To install mod_remoteip in Cpanel Server, run

Edit file


Restart Apache.

At this stage, PHP applications will show proper visitor IP address. Apache access logs will still show proxy server IP. To fix this, edit Apache configuration file. Find

Replace with

Restart Apache


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PHP mails not working on Cpanel Server

On a cpanel server, PHP scripts can’t sent email. Incoming and outgoing emails for email users (mailbox) are working properly. To debug, loggged in to SSH as one of the cpanel user.

If SSH access is not enabled, enable SSH in WHM. Once logged in, verify sendmail works.

I get above error message. […]

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Install SourceGuardian in Cpanel Server

To install sourceguardian PHP loaders in Cpanel server, run


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Install SSL for Cpanel Server Hostname

Cpanel will provide Free SSL for server hostname if server hostname resolve to servers main IP address and server have valid cpanel license. Cpanel will check for hostname SSL when upcp runs. This is run once everyday. You can manually run SSL check by running

If you have a paid SSL, you can install […]

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Create New Hosting Account in WHM

To create new hosting account in Cpanel/WHM, login to WHM at http://yourserverip/whm Now to go

You can also use the search box on left top side of WHM. Search for “create”, then click on “Create a New Account” link. On “Create a New Account” page, you need to enter your domain name. User name […]

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Cpanel Server Behind NAT (Amazon AWS)

When hosting Cpanel server behind NAT like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud etc.. where you have internal IP and external IP, you need to enable NAT so cpanel will map external IP to internal IP. First make sure external IP is not added to your server. Now run

On AWS, this generate a file like […]

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Cpanel Server Block Incoming SPF Failed Mails

One of the customer email account as getting too much incoming emails from [email protected] First i tried to block the sender IP, but they are using too many IP. To stop this incoming email, i edited


Add below

Restart exim

Now watch the mail log with


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