Disable PHP disable_functions on Cpanel Server

WHM php.ini editor

On a Cpanel Server using CentOS 7 + php-fpm, site phpinfo() shows few functions are set to disabled in disable_functions. I checked server wide PHP configuration in WHM for the PHP version the site is using. There is no disable_functions specified.

This is because in Cpanel server running in PHP-FPM, you need to edit […]

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Disable 2 Factor Authentication in Cpanel

To disable 2 Factor Autentication for WHM in Cpanel Server, SSH into server as user root, run

Or run

This will create a link for WHM login, using this link won’t require 2 Factor Authentication. After logging into WHM, you can disable 2 Factor Autentication. If you want 2 FA disabled for a […]

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Enable HTTP/2 in Cpanel Server

Cpanel enable http2

HTTP/2 only work with mod_worker or mod_event. if you use other mpm modulesm you need to swith to worker or event. To install http2, login to WHM as user root. Go to

Now under Apache Modules, search for “http2”. Use the selector on right side to install it. Click “Next” until it it reach […]

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phpMyAdmin missing from WHM after upgrade

On WHM, phpMyAdmin was missing from left menu after Cpanel upgrade. Verify cpanel-phpmyadmin package insalled on the server.

Since phpmyadmin package was installed, clear WHM cache with commands

After clearning browser cahce, phpMyAdmin started showing in WHM. […]

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Install Imunify Anti Virus on Cpanel Server

ImunifyAV is a free Antivirus for Cpanel servers by CloudLinux. To install Imunify Anti Virus on Cpanel CloudLinux server, run

For Plesk, it is available as an extension https://www.plesk.com/extensions/revisium-antivirus-2/ Imunify360 Imunify360 is paid version of Imunify. It provide additional protection like Web Application Firewall, Real time protection and autmated malware cleaning. https://www.imunify360.com/antivirus How to […]

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