ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

In today’s digital landscape, where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising various industries, the field of prompt engineering has emerged as

How to disable server side caching in bluehost

Bluehost provides server-side caching to improve the performance of your website. When you need to debug some problem on your

How to block bad bots User-Agents in Cloudflare

Cloudflare provides a way to block bad bots under If you want to block one bots that is allowed, you



Schema validator Google Rich test

DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection – used by DDoS Protected Hosting – DDoS protected hosting Back

How to find Moodle version from Database

Sometimes you may need to find what version of Moodle database you have. To find the version of moodle from

Domain Name

Domain Name

Sell your domain Names Here are some sites where you can list your website for sale. Buy expired

VirtualDub Video Direct Stream Copy by default

VirtualDub Video Direct Stream Copy by default

When you start VirtualDub, the processing mode is set to “Full Processing Mode”. Most use “Direct Stream Copy” when cutting

Redirect a page to another using HTML

To redirect a webpage to another using HTML, you can use meta tag with http-equiv=”refresh”.



How to enable SSL in KVS? Edit file admin/include/setup.php, Find variable name $config[‘project_url’], this will have your website URL. Replace

Enable memcached in PrestaShop

PrestaShop Enable Memcached

You need to install the memcached daemon and PHP module on the server before you can configure it in PrestaSop.



SiberianCMS is an Open-Source web-based software to create mobile applications for Android and IOS using easy to use interface. No