How to verify rDNS (reverse DNS)/PTR Record

check rdns with nslookup

RDNS (Reverse DNS) resolves an IP address to a domain name. To find rDNS for an IP address, you can use the command nslookup.

In the above screenshot, IP address have reverse DNS set to You also need to verify the hostname points to IP address. Many server providers check this before […]

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Unmetered Dedicated Server Providers (, (piratebay hosted here after its take-down) LARGE SITES AND HOSTS – leaseweb for videos – – – WEBAZILLA.COM – – – […]

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How to find Memory (RAM) available on a Linux Server

To find memory, use the free command.

Will show memory in MB. The following is free -m on a server with 8 GB RAM.

To display memory usage in a human friendly way, use



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Local and remote exploit

What is Local Exploit? A local exploit is a vulnerability in a Linux system that allows an ordinary user to gain root privileges by performing a certain sequence of actions. Generally, these exploits occur when a privileged application contains a bug that does not perform sufficient checks on the user before executing a command with […]

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Redirect Subdomain to Subdirectory

To redirect a subdomain to a subdirectory, use following .htaccess code.

Redirect Subdirectory to Subdomain

See htaccess […]

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common ports used by services

Here are common ports used by various software and services. 21 FTP Server 25 SMTP SERVER, EXIM, MAIL ENABLE, HMAILSERVER, etc 53 DNS SERVER 80 WEB SERVER (iis, apache) 110 POP3 135 Windows RPC, Remote Procedure Calls 139 NetBIOS Session (TCP), Windows File and Printer Sharing 143 IMAP 445 Windows Server Message Block, NetBIOS, File […]

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