Getting Started with MongoDB

After MongoDB is installed, you can start MongoDB client with command.

List All Databases To see list of all available database, use

Create A Database To create a database, run

This will create a new database if not present and switch to it. See all Collections Once you switched to a database […]

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DNS Resolver

CloudFlare announced privacy-first consumer DNS service. IP of CloudFlare public DNS servers are

So far i was using Google Public DNS servers as my resolver.

Quad9 Quad9 is from IMB and Global Cyber Allience.

Other public DNS server is OpenDNS

All these DNS servers have good connectivity in india. I […]

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RailWire 2018 FTTH BroadBand Plans

RailWire, Government of india owned ISP that provide FTTH connection through Cable TV operators have come up with new boardband plans for 2018. Unlike previous plan, new plan offers lot of bandwidth for every plan. This help with Indias new media consumption started by Reliance JIO. Previous Maximum speed available was 100 Mbps. New maximum […]

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