Moodle 3.2 PostgreSQL 12 Error reading from database

Moodle 3.2 PostgreSQL error

Moodle 3.2 site started showing error “Error reading from database”. I checked config.php, the database credentials are correct, i was able to login to Amazon AWS RDS PostgreSQL database with the credentaials and able to see the database tables with command \dt.

I enabled debug in DB with following SQL commands

But for […]

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Online Code Editor

Eclipse Che Eclipse Che is an Open Source Online Code editor. It support several programming language. Based on Visual Code Studio. supports this open source project and provide Free hosting for the Eclipse Che ommunity with the hope that it will result in ever-increasing community involvement and contributions. […]

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DSpace Change Header Text

DSpace change xmlui color

To change header text in DSpace xmlui interface Edit file


Replace text DSpace Home with new name. Restart tomcat8

See DSpace […]

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Steaming to Anti Media Server using ffmpeg

To team a video io Anti Media Server using ffmpeg command line, use


Cammand with more steam option

See Ant Media Server […]

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Install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8

To install Ant Media Server on CentOS 8, first install wget

Download installer script

Next you need to download binary zip file of Ant Media Server. For this install i used trail version

For community version, you can download from

Download it to same directory as “”. Now run

Replace […]

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FileZilla Please make sure the LC_CTYPE (or LC_ALL) environment variable is set correctly

When starting FileZilla FTP client on Ubuntu 20.04, I get the following error

To fix this, I edited file

Find line

Replace with


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