parted raid

unknown filesystem type linux_raid_member

When i try mount a HDD, i get error

This is because the disk is part of RAID.

Lets check the disks avaialbe with parted -l

parted raid

parted shows /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 as raid with same size. So its assemble raid array with command

I used /dev/md3 as other device names (/dev/md0, /dev/md1 and /dev/md2) are already in use.

Now you can mount this drive with command

Using tar over SSH Session

I wanted to make a tar of a folder on a remote server. But the server don’t have much disk space left, so the tar operation failed.

The server had no rsync installed to copy over the folder to another server.

To save generated tar file on another server, i used command


NOTE: Make sure you connect to remote server using SSH and accept the key before you run above command as it will fail if you don’t accept key beforehand.

See tar

Google Firebase

Google Firebase Free Static Hosting

Google Firebase

To install firebase cli, run

To login, run

Static File Hosting

Google Firebase allow statif file hosting for your web sites.

To create a static hosting project, run

To deplay files to hosting, run

Install optipng from source

optipng is image optimize for PNG format.

You can download it form

To install, run

Install rclone on CentOS 6.10

To install rclone on CentOS 6.x, go to

Download latest version of rpm file.