Connecting to VNC Server from a Mac computer To list all packages installed with brew

To see if a specific package installed, run

List open ports

Restart apache2

Disable Apache from starting on boot



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Visual Code Studio Tab key not working

When pressing TAB key, no tab get inserted. It switch to UI, selecting “Explorer” in the side menu. Pressing tab again switch the selection to other UI elements. I have to close the Visual Code Studio to get tab working again. To fix this, press

This is keybinding for editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode, it allow switching TAB […]

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Oracle VM VirtualBox

VirtualBox Ubuntu Shared Folder VirtualBox allow you to create Virtual Machines. This is useful for testing. Here is some useful CLI commands To list all VMS

To list currently running vms

To start a VM

To start a VM in background

To poweroff a VM


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OpenSource Helpdesk – Open Source Helpdesk software – Free Open Source Helpdesk. – Free Open Source Helpdesk. – Open Source helpdesk in Ruby On Rails. – Written in Perl. Open source version with Limited features. – Open Source version available Hosted Helpdesk Freshdesk – Have free […]

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