Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet allow you to scaren screen with multiple users.

Google Meet

To start a meet, click on “Join or start a meet” and click continue. On next page, click “START MEETING”

On next page, you will get a link, that you can share with others to invite them to the meeting.

Once meeting have started, on right lower side of the screen, you have option to start prestentation, this allow you to share screen. You also have option to use webcam/microphone.

video sharing script

youtube clone script

Youtube clone script allow you to start your own video sharing web site like youtube. vShare youtube clone script is is created using PHP and MySQL run on cpanel servers. This script use ffmpeg to convert video into MP4. You can add multiple media servers to serve videos. This allow your site to gow bigger.

video sharing script

Here are some sites using vShare youtube clone script

Other Video Sharing Scripts – p2p video sharing script.


Delegate a sub domain to DNS server

To point a domain to another server, you can create an A record, point to the server.

If your provider only provide name servers and no fixed IP, you can create NS record for your sub domain like

Here is how i added NS record in Amazon Route 53

parted raid

unknown filesystem type linux_raid_member

When i try mount a HDD, i get error

This is because the disk is part of RAID.

Lets check the disks avaialbe with parted -l

parted raid

parted shows /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 as raid with same size. So its assemble raid array with command

I used /dev/md3 as other device names (/dev/md0, /dev/md1 and /dev/md2) are already in use.

Now you can mount this drive with command

Using tar over SSH Session

I wanted to make a tar of a folder on a remote server. But the server don’t have much disk space left, so the tar operation failed.

The server had no rsync installed to copy over the folder to another server.

To save generated tar file on another server, i used command


NOTE: Make sure you connect to remote server using SSH and accept the key before you run above command as it will fail if you don’t accept key beforehand.

See tar