Install optipng from source

optipng is image optimize for PNG format.

You can download it form

To install, run

Install rclone on CentOS 6.10

To install rclone on CentOS 6.x, go to

Download latest version of rpm file.

Reset Prestashop 1.6 admin password

To reset admin password for prestashop 1.6 or below, find value of _COOKIE_KEY from file

The line look like

Now you need to update ps_employee table using following SQL command.

Replace “YOUR_NEW_PASSOWRD_HERE” with your new password.

ps_employee maybe differnt depending on what table prefix you selected during prestashop installation.

id_employee=1, change this with id_employee of the user you need to change password. 1 is id for first user.

Once password reset, you will be able to login to admin area. Normally prestashop rename admin folder to random name, this you can find it in FTP as it is just a normal folder.