Affiliate Marketing Sites – CPA

CPA Marketing sites where you can promote your products. If you are publisher, you can promote others products and earm income based on how many leads you sent to these offers.

Affliate Software

if you want to run your own affliate program, you can use

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet allow you to scaren screen with multiple users.

Google Meet

To start a meet, click on “Join or start a meet” and click continue. On next page, click “START MEETING”

On next page, you will get a link, that you can share with others to invite them to the meeting.

Once meeting have started, on right lower side of the screen, you have option to start prestentation, this allow you to share screen. You also have option to use webcam/microphone.

video sharing script

youtube clone script

Youtube clone script allow you to start your own video sharing web site like youtube. vShare youtube clone script is is created using PHP and MySQL run on cpanel servers. This script use ffmpeg to convert video into MP4. You can add multiple media servers to serve videos. This allow your site to gow bigger.

video sharing script

Here are some sites using vShare youtube clone script


Delegate a sub domain to DNS server

To point a domain to another server, you can create an A record, point to the server.

If your provider only provide name servers and no fixed IP, you can create NS record for your sub domain like

Here is how i added NS record in Amazon Route 53