AMD Ryzen 3 2200G PC

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 6600 +tax
Gigabyte B450M-D3H 5500+tax
8Gb Zion ram Blaze 3000Fsb 4650+tax
ZION Blaze RAM 8 GB 2400 MHz 3000Fsb 4650+tax
120gb kingston 1800+tax
Psu Antec 350w 1600+tax
Corsair 100R cabinet 2250+tax
Total INR 26432.00/-

Purchased on = 2018-09-26
From = Abacus peripherals (p)Ltd, Gopakumar

Memory shows following in Ubuntu (dmidecode)

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G on Ubuntu 18.04


Google Remote Desktop

Google Remove Desktop allow you to connect/share your share your computer with others.

You need google chrome browser to install Google Remote Desktop. To install go to

Click on the download link

Chrome Remote Desktop Plugin Download

This will download and install Google Remote Desktop plugin in your computer.

You can also download Google Chrome Browser plugin directly from

To access the plugin, open a new Tab in google chrome

Chrome New Tab

Click on “App”. On next page, you will have link to start Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Apps

Click on “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

To share your computer with others, click on green Share button. If you have not already installed software, you will be asked to install google remote desktop software, then you get a invite code, that you can share with others to give access to your computer.

About Plesk

Find Plesk License key

To find Plesk serial number on Linux server, run

You can also use

But the plesk_key_id you get is in diff format, plesk themself won’t accept this when you submit a support ticket.

You can also find Plesk License key by logging into Plesk

Plesk > Tools & Settings > About Plesk

About Plesk

On next page you will see

Plesk License Number


Magento 2 CLI

To create an Admin user, run

Maintanance mode

Check Maintanance mode status

To allow IP in maintance mode

Flush magento cache

Deploy static content

prestashop reset admin password

Reset Prestashop admin password

On Prestashop 1.7, open file

Find the value of “cookie_key”.

prestashop reset admin password

Now run following SQL


This set password for admin user [email protected] to “ok123pass”.

See Prestashop

Prestashop Change URL

To change domain name of a Prestashop site, you need to edit MYSQL database.

Table ps_configuration

Value for following should be changed to new domain.


Table ps_shop_url

Change “domain” and “domain_ssl” value.

Changing Installation Folder

If you changing Prestashop installation folder, then you need to change “physical_uri” to new path. If it is on root directory, use /

Here are SQL commands to change URL of prestashop to “prestashop.test”