Plesk Nginx

How to enable gzip on Plesk Nginx

To enable gzip on Plesk server with Nginx proxy, go to

Click on the domain for which you need gzip compression enbaled.

Plesk Nginx

click on “Apache & nginx Settings”. On next page, scroll down, add following to “Additional nginx directives” text box.

Plesk Additional nginx directives

To verify gzip is working, you can open a file directly in browser. Check response headers in browser develoer tool, you should see gzip.

verify gzip in chrome developer tools

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CentOS 7 Plesk server DNS not starting

On a CentOS 7 Plesk server DNS failed to start. Plesk on CentOS 7 use named-chroot.service for starting DNS.

I tried to start DNS with

On checking status, it shows DNS failed to start

I removed Bind DNS server using command

Removed all bind related packages with yum. Removed all DNS configs from /etc and /var/named folder.

Reinstalled Bind DNS and run plesk repair to fix DNS entry

But it did not resolve the problem. I checked named.conf with

It showned error is related with

Problem is fixed by removing the entry “” from

You can use IP or CIDR here. But you don’t need this if you don’t have secondary DNS servers.

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Plesk Change Backup Location

By default, Plesk store backups in folder /var/lib/psa/dumps/. To move this to a differnt partition or directory, create a folder

Edit file


Replace with

Move old backup to new location

Remove old backup directory, here i rename it to dumps-old, you can delete it.

Restart Plesk

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Plesk move vhosts folder

Plesk use /var/www/vhosts folder to store sites. On some servers this folder will be on smaller partition. Say you have all disk space on partition /home, in such cause, you can use following command to move web site files to /home folder with following command.

/home/ = you can replace this any any folder you wish. Plesk will move the site files, update the configuration as required.

NOTE: In this example, i used /var/www/vhosts instead of /home/ as the server was using non default folder for vhosts, i am moving all sites back to default location (/var/www/vhosts).

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Install PHP 5.6 on Debian 9 Plesk Server

To install PHP 5.6 on Debian 9 Plesk Server, add repository

Install PHP 5.6 with apt

Optional: Enable PHP 5.6 as default CLI

This will show all available PHP version, select the default version for command line.

Enable PHP 5.6 in Plesk

Plesk MagicSpam

Install MagicSpam on Plesk

MagicSpam is an anti spam filter for Plesk and DirectAdmin servers. You can purchase MagicSpam from

To install MagicSpam, upload the zip file you get to /root/ folder of your server and run


Plesk MagicSpam

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Install Redis on Plesk Debian Server

To install Redis on Plesk Debian/Ubuntu server, run

Enable and restart redis-server

Now install PHP Modules

After installing, you will see redis listed in phpinfo() page.

Redis PHP Debian

Plesk License Number

Find Plesk Version

To find Plesk version, login to server as user root SSH and run


Plesk License Number

Plesk Install PHP

To install differnt version of PHP in plesk server, run

This will list available PHP versions to install.

To install PHP 5.3, run

To install PHP 5.6, run

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