How to install zabbix agent on Ubuntu

zabbix agent Server config

To install the Zabbix agent on Ubuntu, run the command

To autostart, Zabbix agent on boot, enable it with

To manage Zabbix, use commands

To see Zabbix listening port

Edit file


Replace with

Restart zabbix agent

After the Zabbix agent is installed, you need to add […]

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How to Install Xfce and VNC on Ubuntu 20.04

VNC allows you to connect to a remote server. We will install Xfce desktop on an Ubuntu server and configure VNC to access the desktop remotely. Install xfce with command

During the installation, you will be asked to select Install vnc server

For security reasons, running a desktop as the user root is […]

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How to install development tools on Debian/Ubuntu

Development tools are programs used to build software from its source code. These include compilers, make, and other generally used libraries. To install development tools on Ubuntu/Debian, run

See Ubuntu, Debian […]

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bash: lspci: command not found

On Ubuntu server, when I run lspci command, i get the error

To fix this error, install package pciutils

See lspci […]

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CyberPanel FTP not working on Ubuntu Server

On CyberPanel server, FTP was not working. I checked the server with “netstat -lntp” command. No service was listening on port 21. Started pure-ftpd with command

To start pure-ftpd on boot, run

Now FTP service started listening on port 21, but login to the FTP server failed with an error “Login authentication failed”. […]

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Install PHP drivers for Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu PHP 7.2

On Ubuntu 18.04 server running PHP 7.2, i want to install Microsoft SQL Server module for PHP. You can find PHP module for SQL server at At the time of writing this PHP module only support PHP 7.4 and newer. SO i need to find older version that supported PHP 7.2. On checking release […]

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Easy Kubernetes setup on Ubuntu with microk8s


To install microk8s, run

Enable rules in firewall

Enable addons

To see status of current addons, run

Here is status for a defaul install

To see all pods/services/deploymens, run

To avoid typing microk8s before kubectl, run

You can add this to .bashrc to make it permanent. To run […]

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Install dnsmasq on Ubuntu

dnsmasq is a very powerful tool that can provide basic dns services/caching, act as dhcp server and also as tftp server. To install dnsmasq, run

When you start dnsmasq, if it complain about port 53 alreay in use

This is because some other service is running on port 53. To find what service […]

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Ant Media Server Ubuntu firewall configuration

Ant Media Server

To enable firewal for Ant Media Server on Ubnuntu server, use following rules

After enabling, you will have following status

Port forwarding You can forward port 80 and 443 to Ant Media Server, so you don’t have to use ports. You can use following iptables commands

To make it permanent, edit


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Reinstall Kernel in Ubuntu/Debian

reinstall ubuntu kernel

To reinstall Kernel in Ubunru, you need to find the version of kernal installed, for this run

Or you can use command, find the kernel version you need to install

Once you have the name of linux-image package you need to install, you can run

Example See apt, Ubuntu, Debian […]

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