LiteSpeed Web Server

Install LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed is a high performance web server. Unlike most other web servers, this is a paid software, so you will need to purchase a license or get trail key before you can use it.

To install LiteSpeed, download latest version of the software from

At this time of writing this post, latest version of LiteSpeed is 5.4.7

Before you can run the script, you need to copy your license key to this folder. It will ask you few questions. Once installed, admin interface will be available on URL


LiteSpeed Web Server

Zend OpCache GUI

Install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server

To install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server, run

Now restart PHP with command

Zend OpCache GUI

Zend OpCache GUI shows stats for OpCache. This is for monitoring purpose only.

You can download it from

All you need to do is download the files, exact it, upload it to your web site. It will show nice graphs with cache statistics.

Zend OpCache GUI

Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server

To install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server, run

This will instal 15 day TRAIl version of the LiteSpeed Web Server. Once you purchased license, you will be able to update license key in WHM.

LiteSpeed Web Server installed on folder

To restart LiteSpeed, run

Once LiteSpeed installed, you need to switch to LiteSpeed by running

You can also do this in WHM.

You can login to web interface at

You will need admin password to login here, to set admin password, run

CloudLinux lasapi php

Enable CloudLinux PHP lsapi

CloudLinux provides high performance PHP module lsapi. It is a replacement for suphp available on cpanel servers. lsapi module is a based on LiteSpeed Technologies API for PHP.

To enable lsapi in CloudLinux Cpanel Server, go to

Provision profile

CloudLinux lasapi php

Click “Provision” and wait until the software is updated.

Now you need to set lsapi as default PHP handler. To do this, go to

WHM Multi PHP Manager

Click on “PHP Handlers”.

On Next page, you can set handler for each PHP versions.

You can set PHP handler to lsapi gloabally using following command

Once you run it, all PHP version handlers will get chanegd to lsapi.

If you check PHP info, you will see Server API listed as LiteSpeed.

LiteSpeed Server API

OpenLiteSpeed Change Admin Password

Install OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu/Debian

OpenLiteSpeed ia an Open Source version of LiteSpeed Web Server.

To install OpenLiteSpeed, add repository by running

Now you have openlitespeed packages available on your server. Here is packages available on a Debian 9 server.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

To install OpenLiteSpeed, run

OpenLiteSpeed will be installed in folder

You can start/stop OpenLiteSpeed using command

Once installed, you will be able to login to WebAdmin at

You can change default admin passord by going to

Admin > WebAdmin Settings > General > Users

Click on edit icon right side of user “admin”.

OpenLiteSpeed Change Admin Password

You can also change OpenLiteSpeed Admin password by running following command as user root


Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7

CyberPanel is a hosting control panel created by LitesSeedTech. CyberPanel use OpenLiteSpeed, an open source version of LiteSpeed Web server.

CyberPanel is Free to use for 1 domain, unlimited sub domain.

To install CyberPanel, run

It ask you number of MySQL instance. I selected option 1

LiteSpeed CyberPanel install

On next screen, it ask you to select MariaDB version. MariaDB is a MySQL drop in replacement, it work exactly like MySQL. Once install completed, installer displays login user name and password.

You wil be able to login to CyberPanel at

See LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed Web Server

litespeed is a high performance web server.

Login to admin interface at


To check the version, run

To check the license, run

To see status, run

Restart litespeed

Reset admin password

Install LiteSpeed Web Server
Install CyberPanel on CentOS 7
Install OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu/Debian
Install LiteSpeed Web Server on Cpanel Server