MySQL backup all databases


To backup all databases on a MySQL server, run

This will create sql backup file for each database in your MySQL server on the current directory. The first command will create a file with all database names. Second command loop through the database names and create backup using mysqldump command.

See MySQL Backup […]

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Plesk Change Backup Location

Plesk License Number

By default, Plesk store backups in folder /var/lib/psa/dumps/. To move this to a differnt partition or directory, create a folder

Edit file


Replace with

Move old backup to new location

Remove old backup directory, here i rename it to dumps-old, you can delete it.

Restart Plesk

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Configure Server Backup in R1Soft Backup Manager

After adding Server to R1Soft Server Backup Manager, you need to configure it. Test Connection Verify backup manager can connect to protected machine. If you can’t connect, you need to open TCP port 1167 on firewall. Click on Wheel icon > Test Agent Connection. If backup manager cna connect to server, you will see Running […]

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r1soft is a backup software from Installing Agent Install R1Soft Agent on CentOS Installing r1soft server backup agent on Debian/Ubuntu r1Soft Setup Add Server to R1Soft Server Backup Manager Configure Server Backup in R1Soft Backup Manager Using r1Soft Server Backup How to restore R1Soft Backup r1Soft Errors r1Soft public key is not available See […]

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Backup with tar

To backup a site using tar, i created a shell script.

With following content

For weekly backup

Make it executable

Create backup folders

Set cronjob


See backup […]

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Restart rsync on failure Bandwidth Limit on rsync Split Large file into smaller files rsync command with exclude option, full server backup to remote server.

Transfer a file I normally use scp to do single file transfer. It may be better to it with rsync as you will be able to resume.

-P […]

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