Install SSL for Cpanel Server Hostname

Cpanel will provide Free SSL for server hostname if server hostname resolve to servers main IP address and server have valid cpanel license.

Cpanel will check for hostname SSL when upcp runs. This is run once everyday.

You can manually run SSL check by running

If you have a paid SSL, you can install it in

WHM > Service Configuration > Manage Service SSL Certificates

WHM Software Module Installers

Install ImageMagick PHP module in Cpanel Server

To install ImageMagick on Cpanel Server, in root SSH, run

To install PHP Module, login to WHM as user root.

WHM > Software > Module Installers

WHM Software Module Installers

Click on Manage link for PHP Pecl.

Cpanel PHP Pecl Installer

Select the PHP version from drop down list on which you need ImageMagick PHP module installed.

Search for “imagick”.


Click on install link to install imagick PHP module.

Cpanel Server

To update cpanel server license, run


Cpanel New Server Setup

Cpanel Tips

Install Modules


See Hosting Control Panel

Cpanel Server Behind NAT – Amazon EC2

When your cpanel server is behind nat, for example Amazon EC2 where you have an internal IP and External IP.

Go to

Home > Server Configuration> Basic WebHost ManagerĀ® Setup

Enter your servers internal IP where it ask for “The IPv4 address (only one address) to use to set up shared IPv4 virtual hosts.”.

Now login to Server using SSH and run

For an Amazon EC2 server with internal IP, i added the IP in WHM > Basic WebHost ManagerĀ® Setup

Run command /scripts/build_cpnat

That associate the IP with external IP address.

This allow DNS and Apache to resolve external IP properly. With out running this command DNS server will just reply with servers internal IP address.