Here is an example of cut command, that will remove all PHP packages from system

Get user names

Display users with SSH enabled

List all IPs that have accessed admin area from Apache Log

See Linux Commands […]

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MongoDB is an Open Source NoSQL database. Connecting to to MongoDB with user/pass

Getting Started with MongoDB MongoDB delete Database Find MongoDB version Start MongoDB from command line Install MongoDB Install MongoDB in Ubuntu Install MongoDB 4 on Debian 9 Install MongoDB 3.6 on CentOS 7 Install MongoDB 4.0 on CentOS 7 Backup […]

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Rsync backup with X days retention

rsync is run on backup server, that login to remote servers and backup.

Add following code

Repeat the rsync/echo lines for each server you need to backup. We exclude some of the files from backup, this is specified in .rsync-exclude file.

Run it with cronjob

Backup Rotation We rotate backup, so […]

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vgcreate When i try mount a partition i get error mount: unknown filesystem type ‘LVM2_member’ This is because the partition is LVM. Got it fixed with


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iftop show bandwidth usage like top show cpu and memory usage. To see network usage, run

If you have multiple network interface, you need to specify network interface to monitor, this can be done with -i option

To install on CentOS, run

For installing from source, see Install iftop from source on […]

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See gonit golang replacement for monit monit is a process monitoring service that monitor services, restart if required. Install Monit on Ubuntu Start meguca on boot Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit Here are monit rules used to monitor apache, php-fpm and MySQL on bitnami cloud server.

monitor php-fpm


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Open Source Mail Suits Complete Mail Server These software once installed will provide complete mail server including web mail. iRedMail Mail-in-a-Box Business Email Yandex Connect Google G Suite Amazon Workmail Free Email Forwarding Webmail Email Marketing Email Marketing IP Reputation Check – Free Open Source Email Marketing […]

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vnstat command shows bandwidth usage on your system.

Bandwidth usage by day


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Track IP location To see network interface cards on your computer, run “ip link”

Configure OVH Bridge Network from command line Configure Failover IP in Ubuntu 18.04 OVH VPS OVH VPS Configure failover IP in Ubuntu Debian 9 OVH Bridge Network Configuration Configure Networking in Fedora 28 OVH Proxmox CentOS CentOS add IP […]

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